SJGA will not be offering any Goalkeeper Training at this time.
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Latest News

SJGA is proud to announce a new equipment partnership with Reusch. With passion for sports, Reusch keeps focusing its strengths on the development of professional gloves. As a global acting sports glove supplier with German roots, Reusch is concentrating on different elements interacting with each other.Tradition is one key element of Reusch. Since 1934,  tradition means transferring knowledge and experience from the past to the present. Be sure to visit KeeperStop. com for all your Goalkeeper equipment needs.  Use the code SJGA16 for your discount.

                             Reusch – Love your sport!

Our Philosophy

South Jersey Goalkeeping Academy strives to provide training opportunities to goalkeepers of all levels in an effort to create an environment which fosters individual development. SJGA training programs allow for the qualities of the goalkeeper to be enhanced and refined through specialized, challenging, and age appropriate training. SJGA provides a training environment that’s second to none, as well as access to the most up-to-the-minute developments in the modern game straight from the top levels of soccer. Our sessions focus on the fundamental techniques of goalkeeping layered with the physical, tactical and psychological demands of the position. Each session is a topic that trains all four major pillars of goalkeeping including:


Basic Positioning

Set Position
Basic Handling
Advanced Handling
Breakaway Saves
Distribution/Field Player Skills
Flexibility & Coordination
Strength & Agility



What sets our training apart from all the rest is that our staff are coaches before trainers. We break the technique down teaching to attain a solid foundation of goalkeeping. The soccer goalkeeper is one of the most important players on the field. A field player first, they are the last line of defense and the first line of attack. To play the position well requires special skills and training.